Friday, May 06, 2005


When David and I were dating in Architecture school, we used to have a professor, Lance. Everyone we know considered him the best design professor, but David and I used his expertise in another field. We pumped him for information about the best Italian restaurants in Austin.

I still remember the best one he ever told us about, it was in a strip shopping center waaaaay north of town. Inside was the best Italian food, including a dish David loved called Chicken Valdostano. When we moved to Seattle, we bugged the Turners for their favorite Italian joints. I fell in love with a pasta dish at one that had smoked salmon ravioli in a lemon caper sauce. Once I ordered that, I never tried another item on the menu, because I knew I'd hit the apex of Italian cuisine.

Yesterday, my Brownie troop gave me a gift certificate for a restaurant, Vespaio, here in Austin. It is very fancy, but not super expensive. It was the perfect choice for two Italian restaurant loving people celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary. Here is a recent review by Dale Rice on Vespaio.

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Julie said...

We get in an ordering rut too (Conchigli con Quatro Fromagi at Momo's is my fave Italian dish). We always order the same thing at Cafe Madrid also. I think for us it is that we go out so infrequently that I don't have a chance to get tired of our favorite dishes. Also, we take the kids to Cafe Madrid, and when we can rattle off what we want without looking at the menu, it just means that we can eat and get out hopefully before the big kid starts squirming or the little kid starts fussing.