Thursday, May 12, 2005

Lame on iPod

OK, so I've had my iPod mini for a week as of today. And between the two computers in the house, one is not hooked up to the internet and has a skipping CD player, the other hooked to www but with an old operating system that I can't load iTunes into, I'm stuck. So I'm waiting for Amazon to send Windows XP, and loading up some of our CD's through David's skippy CD. Anyway, last night I went looking around Yahoo Music for songs to download when I (ever) get my computer running.

I surfed around old songs that I remembered from growing up: ELO (Telephone Line), Kansas and Styx Greatest Hits Albums. Then I delve a little further back, looking for music that used to play in my Dad's Pharmacy in the late 60's early 70's. I was specifically thinking of "Up, Up and Away in My Beautiful Balloon". I found that, then found an album called "25 All Time Bubblegum Hits" or something like that. BINGO! It has songs like Sugar, Sugar by the Archies, and "artists" like The Partridge Family and The Monkees. I know Sugar, Sugar was my all time favorite song when I was around Max's age. Bubblegum Hits led me to the group, The Strawberry Alarm Clock and their hit "Goodmorning Starshine". My mind was reeling as I jumped to "Pettycoat Junction Theme Song" (All Time TV Favorite Hit Theme Songs) and the K-Tel and Ronco catalogs.

I filled up two sides of a piece of paper with scribbled names, arrows, titles, albums, artists. I even had "Halloween Sound Effects" on the list. And then it hit me. I can go backwards to a wealth of personal music heritage, but since having kids, I can't think of more than six artists that I have "discovered" to listen to. I'm being generous with myself about there being six! I think whatever I've bought new, has been a later (lame) album of someone I knew and discovered in college.

David listens to a Seattle Public Radio station through his work computer. I listen to KUT (where eclectic means Ethyl Merman mixed with Gregorian Chants) or KGSR which seems to be stuck with me in the Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson zone. I used to be so cutting edge and now I'm writing emails to mom to borrow her music!!!! And sadly, when I discover someone I like (ever heard of Beck?) I'm picking up albums of groups that have already disbanded, or put out their breakthrough albums 5 years ago.

lame, lame, lame.


Elisa said...

If only I had an iPod. Sigh.

Mom said...

I have found a lot of good though kind of out-of-date CDs at the local library. Even a lot of the new ones are there - so I can check them out, listen through, and decide if it is something worth owning - or if the song I like is the ONLY one on the CD that is any good. Half Price Books is also good - though I tend to go for the free stuff as much as possible.

As for enjoying the oldies, seems we REAL old timers have a hard time finding songs from the late 50's on the radio. That just too far back for local "oldie stations."

Anonymous said...

Some music you'd like, I think:

Kid Creole and The Coconuts
Fatboy Slim