Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Brownie Sundaes

Our last Brownie meeting is coming up on Thursday. So I spent the afternoon yesterday getting all my girls' badges ready for the "Court of Awards". I am unexperienced with Cub and Boy Scouts (that's about to change) but as for Girl Scouts, the trinkets, and badges and prizes are a big part of the program. I don't know if my kids (especially my daughter) care about getting the badges, but I've been very motivated to fill up their little vests this year. Did I mention that I was a competative little badge junkie as a child? So last night, I took ribbons and stapled all the girls' badges down them, affixed the one year star pins, then their cookie patches and camp patches. Fourteen ribbons full of loot looked so pretty all spread out on my living room floor.

We will be having an ice cream social for the final meeting, and brownies to eat.

It's really wierd, Emma is starting to do things that I can remember doing as a kid. Brownies, hand clapping games, knock knock jokes, lip gloss, having matching shirts and shorts with a best friend. Sometimes I worry about what's coming, the big hurt of losing a best friend and feeling adrift, and later, losing a boyfriend. Ouch. But right now it's just the cute, easy girl stuff, and brownie sundaes.


Elisa said...

You were a "competative little badge junkie"?? I just can't picture that.

Kathy said...

Oh yeah, I never had the most badges. Thank you very much, Teri and Dana! But I was in the top three. I remember girls saying, "Kathy gets extra because she's the leader's daughter", and I'll be damned if the girls in my troop haven't said the exact same sentence in front of Emma.

I just remembered the other thing Emma is doing now. Her teacher held them back from writing cursive and used it as an incentive for them to learn something more boring, I guess. But now they've been "unleashed" and Emma is writing everything cursive, even bringing me samples of her alphabet letters. I can totally remember that...

Julie said...

So do the girls still go across a bridge over mirror water and toss their beanies in? Do they still have beanies?

Kathy said...

Yes, they have beanies, or baseball caps for Brownies. Yes, they use a bridge for bridging to Juniors (after third grade). You know, Gracie can be a Daisy in just two years. Kindergarten is the first year for Scouting now!

Teri said...

No way you could've really had that many badges! Right Dana?

Dana said...

Yeah. She definitely got extra because she was the leader's daughter!

Susan/Mom said...

No, No!! Jackie had more badges!

Kathy said...

Oooh, I guess I ought to start telling the truth on these postings now! I was probably not number three badge owner, but I'll bet I'm the only one of us who thinks about it 30 years later. Hi Dana and Teri! You are sneaky girls!

Just wrapped up my 2nd Brownie year this afternoon. Some of the parents said some really nice things about how it all went this year. I told them I have more fun than the girls, because I'm reliving my youth.

On the way home, I was really appreciative of what a good leader Mrs. Kirchhoff was. We were lucky. I'd like to make that kind of an impression on these girls.

On another note, I remembered ancient Troop 184 history this morning. My walking buddy and I discussed the little box of feminine supplies and the book "Becoming a Woman" by Moddess (?) with all the ancient pads, belts, panties, etc. UGH!

Kathy said...

After reviewing the official transcripts, I've come to believe words attributed to Teri and Dana are FORGERIES! If Teri and Dana are truly reading they will be able to answer these simple questions:

1) What campsite was generally considered the "Hilton"?
2) At which camp was it located?
3) On a camping trip to the Guadalupe, where did we find a cigarette?
4)Which of you two went to Horse Camp with me?
5) Teri, what animal did you kill on our reunion campout?

If these questions are not correctly answered, I suspect a 6'4" tall, ex coworker has co-opted the identities of two of my old troopmates.