Monday, May 02, 2005

One more Leftist Rant

OK, I've composed about three blog entries in my mind this weekend. And believe it or not, they weren't all about politics. But this one is, sorry.

I was thinking about Anonymous' last comment. He's supporting W's call to drill in Alaska, etc. because there is not viable energy alternative yet. Very true. But you know what might actually make this ol' Demo girl actually admire George W. Bush on some level? A plan.

Kennedy inspired a nation with a plan to go to the moon. Not a Democrat plan, not a NASA plan, but a plan that all Americans got behind. We will run out of fossil fuels someday. We can spoil every seashore, arctic wild place, and wonder of God's creation trying to extract that last drop before we run out, but eventually we will run out. Bush, like Clinton, like Bush, like Reagan.... all kept us moving down the same path, running out of oil, and not really doing much about it.

If George W. took his "vast mandate of the voters" (I'm being a little snide with that) and said, "We've been to the moon, now we are going to fuel the world in the 21st Century" I would be very pleasantly surprised. Our scientists are the best, our innovators are the brightest. Why not have a little vision, and then back it up like we back up the Gulf War, with a billion dollars a week? We would have the Middle Eastern countries worried about their long term grip on our country. Prices might even drop in the short term, in an effort to derail our sure success. We would be developing a way to reduce long term funding of terrorist countries, perhaps a better use of defense dollars than Iraq Warring. And we would get back some of that USA Mojo that seems to be in short supply. And wierdest of all, I'd admire Bush.


Anonymous said...

First and foremost... what a wonderful weekend in Austin.. Pecan Street Festival and Eeyore's B_Day at which my 14mo old daughter had the best of times.

Your rant sounds very utopian.. I have to say I am very dissapointed in Bush not pursuing alternative energies... he has mentioned Hydrogen fuel research at each of the State of the Unions, but I have yet to see any follow-ups. Though, he does seems to be trying to make best of the situation we are in. We are in no position to tell the Saudis to piss off as we are not in to position to completely abandon fossil fuels.

anyways, I'll leave you with a lyric from a local band, which also played this weekend:

How they laughed as we shoveled the ashes
Of the twin towers
Blood and death, we will pay back the debt
For this candy store of ours.

Julie said...

After being at the windy beach this weekend, Jim wondered why there aren't wind farms out in Corpus Christi. Or for that matter, why aren't they built off shore like oil rigs?