Monday, August 15, 2005

Butch and Steve have lots of friends who operate small farms on Orcas. We stopped at Ruthie's farm for a nice visit with Ruthie and eggs straight from the chickens' nests. We got homemade sausage at another farm and ate all that good food for breakfast the very next morning. Posted by Picasa

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stephen guy said...

this picture was sent with my letter to sunset mag. however, i neglected to send a photo credit incase they publish it. am i in trouble kathy? please advise. here is the letter which i believe will appear in the nov 2006 issue.

Dear Sunset Editor:
How delightful to be greeted by the familiar faces of friends from neighboring farms on Orcas Island in the September 2006 issue of Sunset, (Island Feast ). The young woman selling fresh greens on page 95 is Rhonda Barbieri, a sustainable farmer and educator and founder of the innovative CSA, la campesina project.

Irene Edwards and Thomas Story certainly got a taste of the real Orcas Island by visiting local producers to put fresh island bounty on their table. I will often take my off-island houseguests on a “farm crawl” to collect the makings of our meals in person so that they can cultivate a richer island experience. They harvest the finest foods imaginable while enjoying a feast of friendship at each farm. And as it turns out, touring the farms across the island is also one of the best ways to serve up a heaping helping of the breathtaking scenery that has always nourished us islanders and visitors alike.

Here is a picture of my young guest Joey Genet from Austin TX on an Orcas Island “farm crawl” - pictured here at Warm Valley Farm.


Stephen Guy
Eastlight Farm on Orcas Island

Not for publication:
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