Monday, August 15, 2005

Volunteer time.

OK, for all my working friends out there, let me clue you in. Once you become a stay-at-home mom you will have a target over your head. One that tells every group you are in contact with that you are a potential volunteer. Preschool, Elementary School, Girl Scouts, Church have each bid for my time. I love all my groups, I want to help, the tasks sound interesting and fun, and you make new friends working on these projects, but if you are not careful, you will once again have a 40-hour a week job. You just won't be getting a salary any more.

I used to look forward to the start of school as the time when the teachers helped me shoulder the load of childcare during my week. Now I cringe as the last minutes of summer drip through the hourglass. My email is already buzzing with tasks and requests for the Fall activities. The big one for me is the Silent Auction at the preschool. The Auction is a major event, a major fundraiser and may I say, a major pain in the butt. The good thing about it is that it is over by the end of October and then I am off the hook for volunteer work at preschool for a whole year. But right now, it is a mountain of dookie I am about to climb.

I helped with the first teacher luncheon at the elementary school today. That's my big task there. Only 8 more lunches to go and I share a partner for that job. But as I was walking to the car, a friend pulled up and said those innocent words, "Can I ask a favor?" I was flustered with the kids in the line of traffic, and a big dump truck was waiting for my friend to move her car down the road. I asked what she needed and she said, "Room Mother?"

"Which Kid?" I replied.
And I said, "Sure".

One word. So easy. Why did she find me first? Why did I say "sure" instead of "NO"?

I already miss summer. No wake up time, no homework, no volunteer work. But it never is as bad once you start tackling the work. A bit here and there. Pretty soon it is May and you wonder how it all sped by so fast.

And this Friday is another Mommy Book Club where my pals will hang out and sip margaritas and tell dirty jokes and funny stories. I met all those funny girls by volunteering for PTA Art Fairs, and Girl Scout troops. One is my partner for the teacher luncheons. We all have those targets over our heads and anyway, what would I have done if I wasn't busy working on the projects? Watch TV? It's time to get to work. Brush the summer cobwebs off my phone and keyboard and get crackin'.

A new school year -- Bring it on.

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Julie said...

Oh, this is my year to enter that realm. All good reasons for me to say yes to things. I can't imagine having three kids worth of volunteer "opportunities".