Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I thought I had deleted this photo from the camera! It is of the most amazing flower display I've ever seen on a person's house. Nestled among the apartment buildings overlooking the beach in West Seattle, there was a tiny house buried under all these flowers, it was amazing. Posted by Picasa

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Stephen Guy said...

when we had an apartment on alki beach we used to drive by this place every day. the owner is a native hawaiian woman. she keeps the little beach house blooming yr round which you can do in seattle. her house was always a standout when the beach was all little beach houses - but now it is even more so as the shore at alki is lined with gleeming condo towers - except for the flower house. (by the way - the owner is a realtor who makes her $ by selling condos in the gleeming towers along the beach)