Monday, August 15, 2005

Orcas Dream

I wanted to concentrate when I posted photos of our three days on Orcas Island. I still don't think this does the experience justice, but I'll try my best.

We have two good friends, Steve and Butch, who live in heaven. Butch is Emma's godfather and back in the working days, he sat just between David and me at Mahlum Architects. For years, he had to hear us bicker around him, so it only made sense that he should become one of the family by being godfather to our first born.

We first saw their Orcas life at a little cabin knicknamed the Hilton. But then Butch and Steve got lucky and moved to Eastlight Farm. Our last visit to Eastlight was when Emma was five months old. We had a picnic in their meadow and decided she would be married there, pulled up in a horse drawn carriage. I would have many years to plant the idea in her brain that a nice summer wedding in that magic place would be perfect. I am currently working on that mission.

Anyway, since that visit, the place has gotten even better. We arrived to perfect weather, a wonderful dinner, and good company. During the next few days, we sat on the deck, played in the meadow and watched deer families coming up for an evening feed. We swam in the little pond, hiked at Moran State Park just down the street. We had cookouts, farm fresh eggs and sausage for breakfasts, and two of us ate an entire batch of homemade peanut butter cookies. We had a campfire and told ghost stories and roasted marshmallows, and it was like being in November in Texas. My back was chilled in the cold night air, while my face was warm by the fire.

I rode in a convertable, listening to loud music while the stars blazed overhead.

I sat still in the woods and heard absolutely no noise except the wind in the trees.

I played Battle (the most boring card game invented) with Max while sitting at a window seat with a million dollar view.

I sat in a hot tub the last night and wondered how I was so lucky to be right there, on the most beautiful night of the year.

It was heaven, thanks Butch and Steve.

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