Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The last of the Seattle pictures

Due to technical difficulties, I'm just now getting the last of the Seattle pictures out of my camera. Our last day was so fun. We rode a water taxi (it's part of the bus system in Seattle, but it's a boat of course!) over to see our old priest, Chuck and his wife Courtney. They live in West Seattle, which is sort of disconnected from Seattle by a area of heavy industrial stuff. You have to take a long bridge to get over to it, and it actually looks back toward downtown Seattle.

Chuck and Courtney treated us to a wonderful lunch and then a ride to Alkai Beach. It was so much fun. The kids played at the shore, watched boats and collected sea glass and shells.

Later that night, we had dinner with old co-worker, Mark, his wife Betty and their kids. It was a perfect way to wrap up a great trip.

The night before that last day, I had a bad dream. I pictured myself at the airport in Fort Worth, standing at a counter, hot, and realizing that the cool air of Seattle was only a memory and now I was back in the hot home I chose. Waking up to find I had this whole last day, I was determined that I would only wear a short sleeve shirt, and shorts, and no matter how chilly it got (like it did get on Alkai) I would appreciate the kind of weather we wouldn't get in Texas until November. It was wonderful.

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