Monday, August 15, 2005

Mommy preferred to ride in this hot rod.

I got a deluxe tour of the island in this beauty. One night Steve and I took her out for an errand with the seats heated, the heater blowing on us and the top down. It was a cold night (50's?) and I looked up to see the whole sky loaded with stars. The Milky Way was very visible. And it occurred to me that it had been years since I was out far enough from a city to see so many stars. I rode all the way home looking straight up. Posted by Picasa


sg said...

I usually look really happy when I am in the "green machine" - but I must say that I was able to pull off a pretty good looking sad stance when I walked out to the drive and perched in the doorway of the car to say solong to the gang. Are you impressed?

Kathy said...

Trust me, Steven, we were sadder than you. Emma's chapter three visit will have to come much more quickly than chapter two did. I've thought about Orcas every day since we left.